You Can Copy Text From Images To Mac: Here’s How ScreenRant Works –

You Can Copy Text From Images To Mac: Here’s How ScreenRant Works –

With the release of macOS Monterey, Mackie They have been given the ability to recognize text in images and allow users to interact with text in different ways. Apple first introduced Live Text at the WWDC Developer Conference in June 2021. The feature was released for iOS 15 at the time, but a macOS Monterey preview page later revealed that Live Text would also be released on Macs.

In iOS 15, Apple users can select text on images viewed in the Photos app or Safari to make a quick call or email. Apple even shows you the options to make a FaceTime call or, in some cases, add a number to your contacts. iPhone users can also point their camera at a photo or text and use the indicator icon to quickly interact with it. Apple later included this feature in the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iOS 15.

On Macs running macOS Monterey, Live Text only supports certain Apple apps, such as Photos, Screenshot, Quick View, Safari, and Preview. Unfortunately, third-party app support is not available. To use the feature, users just need to move the image to the text. The cursor changes from an arrow to a text selection tool. From here, users can drag the cursor to select all or part of the text. Several interactive options are available to users. For example, users can choose to copy text from an image and paste it into another application or document. Users can also Control+Click or right-click on selected text to find the definition, just as they would on a text page or document. They can also search for text on the web with the same Control+click command. The same action allows users to translate text, but this feature is not available in all languages ​​or regions.

Live Text brings interactive graphics to your Mac

You can copy text from photos to Mac this way

There are several other features that Live Text offers. By Control+clicking and then clicking the down arrow, users can choose to call a phone number, send a message, or make a FaceTime audio or video call. They can also click on an email address to add it to their contacts, send an email, or start a FaceTime call. Finally, they can click on the website address to open it in a browser or use Quick Look to view website information. In Safari, users can also open an address in Maps.

The Live Text feature is currently only supported on many iPhones and Macs, including English, French, German, Chinese, Cantonese, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. O Mackie And the iPhone feature is also only available in certain regions, including US, UK, China, India, Australia, Canada, and select countries in Europe, South America, and Middle East.