Ukraine is going to sell its own NFTs –

Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov announced the plan. a tweet† It is not yet known how the official country NFTs will be presented. These are images that are usually sold at an internet auction.

NFTs, also known as free tokens, are digital property rights that cannot be counterfeited using blockchain technology. Therefore, a digital file can be considered original. The technology has led to a lucrative business: €36 billion was already invested in the sale of NFTs last year.

crypto donations

Since the Russian occupation, the Ukrainian government summoned to send cryptocurrency donations. This can be done in bitcoin, ethereum, solana, dogecoin and polkadot.

According to data company Elliptic, 50 million euros worth of cryptocurrencies has been donated to the Ukrainian government. The government has already spent more than 14 million.

Source: RTL