Can Musk pull out of the Twitter deal? More importantly, should you? – Clear network

Can Musk pull out of the Twitter deal?  More importantly, should you?  – Clear network

CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk Ready to buy Twitter, the $44 billion deal is coming to an end, but could it fail at the last minute and most importantly, Muskie be out? Musk offered to pay $54.20 to buy Twitter and has since devised a plan to fund the deal with bank loans and stocks, including the sale of his shares in Tesla. The Twitter board approved Musk’s proposal, but not before attempting to use a so-called “poison pill” strategy to thwart a hostile takeover attempt.

The drama started in earnest when Musk bought 9.2% of Twitter in early April and then offered to buy the company for $44 billion. Despite the generous offer, the richest man in the world knew that Twitter’s board of directors might not accept his offer to buy him and he admitted the same in an interview. Despite initial reluctance, Twitter’s board eventually accepted the offer and the deal is now closing. Both sides have a premise, though, so must Musk turn it on and stop buying Twitter before he can?

The historic deal between Twitter and Elon Musk has a premise that allows either side to exit the deal, even if it’s final. However, under the agreement, both parties will be subject to a $1 billion “parental termination fee” if they decide to terminate the contract during the termination process. This means that Musk will have to pay Twitter a billion dollars if he suddenly decides to decline the purchase, and vice versa, Twitter will have to pay the same amount if he backs out of the deal. So while either side can pull out at any time, it will cost a lot. However, analysts say the value is neither too high for Musk nor Twitter, suggesting there’s still a chance the sale won’t happen.

Should Musk Leave the Deal?

Musk may exit Twitter deal, more importantly

Musk says he will use Twitter to promote free speech, which he says has been suppressed on the platform because of the company’s strict moderate policies against misinformation and hate speech. Musk said that Twitter has become a de facto public arena for the world and that everyone should express their opinion on the platform, no matter how unpleasant their opinion may be. However, many Twitter critics and contributors fear that Musk’s unwarranted stance on content moderation could turn the platform into a toxic hell of disinformation and hate speech.

Despite the concerns of critics around the world, freedom of expression is the foundation of any democracy. Musk promises to allow unrestricted freedom of speech on the platform and, if successful, he will spark a heated debate with ideologues and thinkers on all sides who can express their views without fear of being thrown off the site. Of course he will also like extremists, fanatics and conspiracy theorists, but that shouldn’t stop the common user from passionately discussing his point of view.

While many have expressed concern that Muskie will revoke the security measures the company has put in place to prevent hate speech and extremist content, he should simply ignore the doomsday scenarios and continue shopping. It’s unlikely that Twitter will become a prettier place, but that’s still not the case. As Twitter fulfills its destiny as a global bastion of free speech, Elon Musk You will be doing your job as the owner of the largest microblogging platform in the world.