Lack of electricity meters for charging stations and heat pumps hinders energy transition

Help other limited network operators

In new-build projects, Liander now has to install conventional single-phase meters, but these are not suitable for heat pumps and induction hobs, among other things. Disadvantage, because new homes may not be connected to the gas network for a number of years; therefore there is no alternative.

Grid operators Stedin and Enexis state that there is currently no shortage of meters. “It is very difficult to predict whether this will continue, but we do not see any problems at the moment,” said an Enexis spokesperson. At Stedin they say they go through the stock ‘faster than expected’. “For now, however, we can accommodate all customer requests to increase power connectivity,” said a spokesperson. But according to Stedin it is a compromise and it has been decided to “temporarily put the regular replacement of meters on the back burner”.

Two network operators are investigating whether they see opportunities to compensate for Liander’s shortcomings. Stedin: “Yes, we help each other as grid operators. We have done this in the past and will continue to do so. Of course we keep our own minimum stock,” he says. “In addition, we don’t always have the same hardware.” This reservation also applies to Enexis.

Source: RTL