Life Hack: Spoiler Alert! How do you avoid spoilers on social media?

Life Hack: Spoiler Alert!  How do you avoid spoilers on social media?

The highly anticipated Marvel movie comes out this week Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness But what if you don’t have time to go to the movies right away? These tips will help you avoid spoilers for the latest movies, TV shows, and games.

It is almost impossible to enjoy all the major entertainment games right away. But of course you don’t want the main plot of a movie, show or game to be ruined for you just because you accidentally saw the wrong message on social media.

Don’t give spoilers on Twitter

It’s pretty easy to avoid spoilers on Twitter, but you have to turn it on. Go through Settings to ‘Notifications’ and then to ‘Filters’ to get to ‘Ignored words’. Here you can enter a number of keywords that you do not want to see, for example “Doctor Strange” or “Marvel”. Not all tweets with these words end up on your timeline. You can also choose how long these messages are blocked, for example until the day you go to the movies.

Be careful though, because ignored words will still show up in your search results. If you can’t control your curiosity and start looking for information yourself, you could still fall victim to a scam.

You can also access it from “Privacy and Security” and then “Ignore and Block”. There you can also temporarily block accounts where you expect spoilers, such as entertainment sites.

Babysitting on Instagram and Facebook

It’s much harder to avoid spoilers on Instagram. This app focuses on images rather than text, which is difficult to filter. In fact, this option is not provided by the platform at all.

The best solution is to temporarily disable fan accounts and media pages. Also, make sure you don’t accidentally follow a hashtag related to the movie, TV show, or game in question.

Your timeline can’t be filtered, but you can make sure that a random person doesn’t indulge in your comments. Go to your settings and select “Privacy” where you will find the option “Hidden words”. You can now add words or phrases via ‘Manage List’. Comments containing these keywords will be hidden.

Unfortunately, Facebook has almost no option to hide spoilers. However, you can temporarily disable certain pages or friends if you think they are going to mess with you. Find a post on that page and tap the three dots at the top. Here you will find the option ‘Repeat account for 30 days’.

And further?

For the rest, the internet is the Wild West of spoilers. It’s hard to get over everything. A friend sending you something on WhatsApp, YouTube showing you a spoiler video, a TikTok video with an important scene: it’s almost impossible to block.

If you really don’t want to hear anything, it’s better to limit your visit to such sites and not read the comments, especially under the articles on the topic.

Source: NU