How many best friends do you have on Snapchat? – Clear network

How many best friends do you have on Snapchat?  – Clear network

from snapchat The Best Friends feature is a useful tool for following the people you talk to most often. But for users who have a . speak Side Guys, how many best friends can you have Snapchat with? Best Friends is just one of the many features Snapchat has added over the years. From Snap Map, Spotlight Videos, Stories, AR Filters, etc., today Snapchat app is almost unrecognizable in 2011 as it looked.

One constant that remains on Snapchat, however, is the focus on chatting with friends. And that aspect of Snapchat has only gotten better over time. Snapchat now offers group chat/video calling, landline chats, integrated Bitmoji, games and more. It’s not as powerful as an app like WhatsApp or Telegram, but it’s coming soon.

As with any messaging app, organizing all your friends/contacts is easier said than done, especially if you have endless conversations all the time. Fortunately, Snapchat is trying to combat this with its “best friends” feature. This is what works in the background without any configuration or adjustments on your part. As you continue to chat/take photos with people, Snapchat will identify the users you chat with most often and make them your best friends. As for how many best friends you can have, each Snapchat user gets eight best friends. You can have less if you don’t talk to as many people as possible, but you have at most eight of Snapchat’s closest friends.

Snapchat Best Friends updates automatically

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If you have eight, six, or two best friends, it’s pretty easy to find them on Snapchat. Best friends are shown on the “Forward & Center” screen on the “Send” screen and on the chat page. And no matter how many best friends you have, Snapchat says the list is “updated regularly.” If you stop chatting with one of your best friends and start chatting with someone even younger, Snapchat will see this change and update your best friends list for you. It’s impossible to manually switch to best friends, but Snapchat needs to update information in a timely manner.

For those concerned about their privacy, Snapchat makes sure that you and only you can see your closest friends. No one else, not even your best friends, can see your best friends list. It’s a small gesture, but it’s much appreciated.

And that’s all you need to know! Snapchat Best Friends is a simple clock, updated automatically and only you can view it. Having up to eight best friends can be an annoying constraint for some people, but there aren’t many things you don’t like.