Second browser behind Chrome: Microsoft Edge surpasses Safari

This is shown by research by StatCounter, which tracks browser use worldwide. With 10.07% of the market, Edge is still way behind the leader Chrome. The Google browser is installed on about 66% of all computers.

Edge has been battling Apple’s browser Safari for second place for a while now. Safari is the basic browser for Mac computers, but depends mainly on the mobile version in terms of usage figures.

Meanwhile, Firefox’s popularity is declining again. Earlier this year, the market share for this browser was over 9%, but now it’s back to 7%.

Nice new browser

Microsoft’s browser is still fairly new. Although Edge was officially released in 2015, the current version has only been around for about three years. The original version of Edge, built on Microsoft’s own software, was not very popular.

Edge usage has increased as the browser has been rebuilt from Google’s Chromium code, which is also the foundation of Chrome. Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s old browser, will no longer be supported from next month.

Source: RTL