Spanish Prime Minister also victim of Pegasus spyware

Spanish Prime Minister also victim of Pegasus spyware

Data was stolen when ministers’ phones were hacked in May and June 2021. “This is not an assumption, these are very serious facts,” Spanish presidential minister Félix Bolaños said at a news conference. According to an investigation by the Spanish National Cryptology Center, 2.7 gigabytes of data have been stolen from Sánchez’s smartphone.

Bolaños wants justice to investigate the “external and illegal” operation. It is unknown who is behind the hack. According to Bolaños, it is not about the Spanish government, which would also use Pegasus against the Catalan separatists.

The Spanish government said Sunday it was investigating possible espionage by Pegasus of leaders and activists of the Catalan separatist movement. Catalonia declared its independence in 2017 after many voted to secede in a banned referendum. Separatist leaders were later arrested and persecuted.

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Governments have hacked into the phones of tens of thousands of unsuspecting people with Pegasus spyware from the Israeli company NSO. Not only terrorists and criminals, but also political opponents and dissidents.

French President Emmanuel Macron and Moroccan King Mohammed VI have already been victims. It recently became known that Didier Reynders, the Belgian EU Commissioner for Justice, was also the target of the software.

Source: RTL