Russians in the Netherlands called anonymously with startling questions about Ukraine

Russians in the Netherlands have recently been intimidated by anonymous people asking “where is their loyalty”. This is reported by the umbrella organization of universities in the Netherlands. The Financial TimesI

The umbrella organization cannot indicate how many such reports are received at universities. It is clear that the anonymous callers are posing as Russian government employees. The wanted person is then asked whether he supports the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Education has confirmed that this is indeed the case. Neither the ministry nor the umbrella organization want to provide information about the identity of the wanted persons. What is clear is that there are several Russian students and a Russian scientist.

The AIVD intelligence service also confirms that there was intimidation against the Russians in the Netherlands. According to the intelligence service, there is a direct connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The organization describes intimidating phone calls as “very bad”.

flag of ukraine

A spokesperson for the AIVD tells IPS: “Russians in the Netherlands have access to free media and contacts with their family or acquaintances in Russia. “The Russian government finds their critical views undesirable,” he said. The Financial TimesI

The newspaper also writes that it is not entirely clear what exactly was said in the telephone calls. In total there is one person who wants to tell his story anonymously. It was called up immediately after the Russian invasion began. The Russian said: “The man said he saw me hanging the Ukrainian flag on Facebook and asked if I was on the side of Ukraine. It was friendly, but I found it insulting and a little scary in the context of the war,” he said.

Source: NU