Ibai Llanos joins Twitch’s chosen club with 10 million subscribers, dominated by Spaniards and North Americans.

Ibai Llanos joins Twitch’s chosen club with 10 million subscribers, dominated by Spaniards and North Americans.

Ibai Llanos joins Twitch’s chosen club with 10 million subscribers, dominated by Spaniards and North Americans.

Spaniards like AuronPlay and Rubius are among the few content creators who outperform the Basques in popularity on Amazon’s live streaming platform.

Ibai Llanos has reached ten million followers on Twitch
Ibai Llanos has reached ten million followers on Twitch

Declared himself Ibay Lanos Thursday night on his social media: His Twitch channel has just reached 10 million followers. Only six content creators in the history of Amazon-owned interactive direct streaming platform have reached that number. Two of them are also Spanish: AuronPlay and Rubius.

Lanos, who is preparing to return with Ramon Garcia Grand Prix For Twitch, he recently criticized that the platform, in which he participates for so many users, plans to make changes to its monetization. However, Twitch receives a percentage of the streamers’ revenue from their paid subscriptions Bloomberg It was announced this week that the company plans to increase this fee and keep half of that amount.

Next, we will discuss Only six accounts surpass Ibai on Twitch:

1. Ninja: 17.6 million followers

Is the creator of the most popular content on Twitch Richard Tyler Blevins, A 30-year-old professional gamer known as Ninja. The American laid the foundation for the popularity of his channel in 2018 when he handed over the game Fortnite With two big stars in current music, rappers Travis Scott and Drake.

2. auronplay: 12.6 million followers

Raul Alvarez GenesBorn in Badalona 33 years ago, before moving to Twitch, he attracted huge fans with his YouTube videos. Although it has more than five million followers away from Ninja, the AuronPlay account is the one that grew the most in 2022, according to specialized sports and video game media. Dextero.

3. Rubius: 11.7 million followers

Ruben Dobla Gundersen (Rubius), 32, born in Malaga to a Norwegian mother, posted his first video on YouTube in 2006. As soon as he became one of the kings of this platform, he also made a leap on Twitch. Much of its current content is related to video games Minecraft Big Theft Auto 5. His popularity led him to release his own comics, Virtual heroAdapted for TV by Movistar Plus + and even filmed Torrent 5.

4. Tfue: 11 million followers

American Turner Tennie (Tfue), 24, is the most controversial content creator on this list. The game started ძCollection of duty Before leaving Fortnite. Lately he has been paying more attention Legends of the peak, Not so popular platform game. His relationship with Twitch is quite complicated. The company suspended his account several times while investigating whether it contained racist content and, in other cases, for unexplained reasons. Streamer himself has temporarily deleted his channel. All of this has led to its growth over the years.

5. xQcOW: 10.5 million followers

Canadian Felix LangleyThe 26-year-old broke his own audience personal record on his channel this Wednesday, April 27: his show reached a peak of 312,000 viewers. He did this by being one of the first to show it to his followers Overwatch 2, One of the most anticipated releases. In late March, xQcOW decided to create an account on the short video platform TikTok, the essence of which is very different from long live streaming on Twitch. In the last few weeks he has already added 375,000 subscribers to this new account, though he has only published one post all this time.

6. Garment: 10 million followers

Other Canadians, Michael Grzesieck (Garment), 27, recently posted content Counter-Strike: A global attack, Whose professional player he was in the past. He made the same leap as former players who became sports commentators. In 2019, he signed with Mixer, Microsoft’s unsuccessful attempt to compete with Twitch, but returned to its roots when the project closed in 2020. She managed to get into streamers with 10 million subscribers on Twitch in February 2022 and since then her account has not grown much more so iBay can overtake her at any time.


Source: La Nacion