Fortnite can be played on iPhones and Android phones via Xbox Cloud Gaming

Fortnite can be played on iPhones and Android phones via Xbox Cloud Gaming

Owned by Microsoft and Epic Games fortnite It is available for free on Xbox Cloud Gaming. This makes the popular game playable on iPhones and Android phones, among others, without installation. Apple and Google previously removed the game from their app stores for violating Epic Games’ rules regarding payment systems.

fortnite It is the first free game on Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft’s cloud streaming service. The service is currently available in 26 countries, including the Netherlands. fortnite Can be played with touch controls, but also with a linked controller.

You don’t need an app to play the game. People can go to the Xbox website and sign up there. An application icon can then be placed on the phone’s home screen as a shortcut. fortnite can be launched and played on the browser screen.

Microsoft plans to add more free games to its new cloud service. The company says the cloud plays an important role in making games accessible to “the world’s three billion players.”

On Android, users can fortnite it can still be installed outside of the Google Play Store. Getting the game on the iPhone has been much more difficult since Apple’s lockdown. Tech companies stepped in after Epic Games adopted its own payment system fortnite Additionally. This allowed the game publisher to bypass Google and Apple’s commission and make more money.

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