How to Distinguish a Song on Spotify: Everything You Need to Know About ScreenRant

Everyone knows how to love music Spotify, But and you do not like? For many apps, pass/fail is a pretty common feature these days. This is the main way to rate YouTube videos. Reddit posts target upvote and downvote posts. Twitter even expressed interest in introducing a dislike feature.

While social media-centric apps use likes and dislikes to get people to vote for content they like or dislike, liking music on Spotify is a little different. If someone is listening to a song and they especially like it, they can click the heart icon next to that song to enjoy it. All the songs you like will appear in the playlist library of songs you like from that person, this helps Spotify to play songs similar to those songs and generally makes the whole experience more personal. One of Spotify’s strengths is creating playlists/stations based on someone else’s listening preferences, and by approving songs, users can help develop this algorithm to better understand them.

Approving songs on Spotify is pretty easy, but what about if you don’t like them? While there’s no traditional dislike feature, Spotify allows users to “hide” songs and bands, which is essentially the same as disliking something. Spotify doesn’t call it a no-approve button, but the utility is the same. If you come across a song you don’t like, by tapping the hide button, Spotify may know how to skip that record and play a less similar song. While this may seem simple on paper, finding the hide/dislike button depends on how you listen to Spotify.

How I don’t like music as a free Spotify user

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For those who use the free version of Spotify, don’t enjoy Spotify music as follows. Open the Spotify app, play a song and open the playback screen. There should be a “⊖” icon to the right of the play/pause button. Tap the button to hide music from a particular album, playlist, or station. This reject/hide button should appear on every song, be it an album, playlist, daily mix, etc.

How I don’t like music as a Spotify Premium user

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Interestingly, songs you don’t like may find it harder to find a Spotify Premium subscriber. When listening to something in the iOS app, users have to click on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and click “Hide Music”. On Android, the “⊖” button should appear in the music player as it is for free users. It’s unclear why Spotify has two different user interfaces, but it’s installed that way.

It should also be noted that the Dislike/Hide feature does not exist in Spotify Web Player or desktop apps. The feature has always been limited to Spotify for Android and iOS. This can be expected to change in the future, but for now Spotify has chosen to take matters into their own hands.

Other ways to distinguish music on Spotify

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But that’s not the only way to hate music on Spotify. If someone searches for a song on a search page, they can tap the song and then tap the three dots on the song page. Doing so will display an option other than “Don’t play this song”. It works a bit differently than hiding songs, as it locks music from all existing playlists/stations instead of hiding it from a specific one. Likewise, users can search for an artist, visit their Spotify page, click the three dots and click “Don’t play this artist”. Like the previous method, it tells Spotify not to play this artist on playlists, stations, etc. where they normally appear.

In general, approving or hiding music on Spotify can work. It does the job if you know where to look, but that’s what Apple Music, YouTube Music, and others have done best. This article should at least make it more understandable. keep the fun SpotifyEnjoy the success and don’t forget to hit the Dislike/Hide button when the scent appears.

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