Electric sail on the wings: “Very quiet and you don’t feel any waves”

Electric sail on the wings: “Very quiet and you don’t feel any waves”

The ‘Tesla of electric boats’ is also known as Candela. The Swedish company markets e-boats equipped with hydrofoil technology: thanks to computer-controlled hydrofoils (foils), the boat consumes much less energy. As a result, the range can also be significantly greater, so that you have to top up less often. The wings propel the boat at higher speeds, so that the hull rises above the water and the drag of the ship is reduced. From afar, the boat almost seems to “fly” above the water.

A Candela C7 is currently at Goes at The Green Wave. The approximately 8 meter long boat can reach a speed of 55 kilometers per hour. “I was also surprised by the power of the engine,” said Eric Caroen, director of La Vague verte. “Compared to other electric boats, much longer distances are possible. The prototype reached 100 kilometers on a single battery charge.”


Another advantage of hydrofoils is convenience. Caroen, who showed off the C7 in front of hundreds of people last week, said: “You are much less bothered by the waves. “People who get sick on other boats have no problem in Candela,” he says. “The boat is quiet, so you can talk to each other in a normal tone, no vibrations or smells.”

Matthijs Goes, former editor of Nautique magazine, also used the Candela C7. “It’s really crazy. You hardly feel the waves and hear nothing. A colleague of ours who tested the boats for us also joined us and he liked it too.” He finds technology promising. “The sensors ensure that the films are always perfectly accurate. As a result, it runs on autopilot, as it were. I was skeptical about this until I went out with him. Technology will continue to evolve. Sincerely, the Tesla comparison may go further.”

Source: RTL