TikTok Pulse: How a new advertising profit-sharing program works

TikTok Pulse: How a new advertising profit-sharing program works

Following in the footsteps of YouTube, TikTok introduced a new monetization program that allows developers to share ad revenue.

Tic Toki Content creators will soon have access to a new app called TikTok Pulse, which will allow them to share revenue by placing ads next to their original posts. TikTok has so far offered creators a number of monetization tools that include everything from brand sponsorship to receiving virtual gifts from fans that can be exchanged for real currency.

However, the platform lacked a model that could directly enter into a revenue-sharing deal between developers and marketers. YouTube, on the other hand, offers a variety of variable revenue monetization models for displaying ads, with creators getting up to a 55% discount. TikTok also has a developer fund that pays authorized bills based on the popularity of their content, but developers complain about issues such as lack of transparency and low salaries.

Everything will change with the debut of a new monetization system called TikTok Pulse. TikTok calls it “Solution for contextual adsOne that uses access to modern content to improve ads and get more exposure. More precisely, TikTok Pulse offers ad space with the top 4% of your most popular content. There will be a total of 12 categories, including beauty, cooking, and games, covered by TikTok Pulse. And to ensure that marketers and advertisers have a tangible picture of how their campaign is progressing, TikTok Pulse offers tools such as “Check the visibility and eligibility of the third-party brand»To measure impact. This is all pretty standard, but the real issue here is the model for sharing ad revenue with content creators. But just as competing platforms like Instagram measure developer popularity based on raw engagement numbers, TikTok also has authority criteria for monetization sharing with developers.

How ad revenue works with TikTok Pulse

How TikTok Pulse Works.5 New Sharing Program

So this is an appointment. Only content creators with 100,000+ followers can access TikTok Pulse. The press release states that this requirement will be imposed in the early stages of program implementation, meaning the eligibility standard may increase or decrease in the near future as it expands to more regions. As for the exact earnings share figures, TikTok says: TechCrunch That will be a 50-50 split format, which is actually quite generous. Unlike the internal rewards program, TikTok did not provide a detailed breakdown of the revenue distribution between content creators, advertisers and the platform itself. However, more details are likely to emerge after the introduction of TikTok Pulse and the developers will share their experiences.

As for the release schedule, TikTok Pulse will be available to content creators in the US market in June. There is currently no official information about the international release. In addition, the company did not disclose how many startups it would initially receive in the revenue-sharing program. The main benefit of TikTok Pulse is that it gives brands direct access to the type of content creators that match their brand equity and product demographics. Initially, brands will only be able to participate in the TikTok Pulse program by invitation, but the policy will be relaxed in the coming months. Brands can buy advertising space Tic Toki Ads Manager, while content creators can find out more information and manage the monetization sharing tool through the Creator Next portal and Creator Marketplace.

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