Answer Incoming Calls with Text on iPhone ScreenRant

Answer Incoming Calls with Text on iPhone ScreenRant

iPhone users who cannot answer an incoming call can choose to send a standard or custom text message to their subscriber. That’s how it works.

When there is an incoming call, a iphoneThere are a number of different options that Apple offers besides answering or calling, and one of them is the ability to reply via text message. This is a great way to make your busy day easier. The best thing about text messages is that they give an instant response but don’t open the door for long conversations when time is short.

iPhone takes calling and messaging seriously. For this ease of use, the phone app is by far the most important app: the reason for the existence of the iPhone. This is a perfect example of Apple’s design guidelines, which outline what a standard touch keyboard should look like with a few extra features hiding the advanced features. Calling only half the story though, and it’s interesting to handle incoming calls.

Apple has given iPhone users the option to answer a phone call with an SMS directly from the lock screen. It’s pretty easy because it’s a bit white Message The button appears in larger green To take Button in the lower right corner of the screen. Play Message Reveals menu with four options. From one of the three predefined messages, “Sorry, I can’t talk right now.”“I’m in Zaza.”Or “Can I call you later?” You can touch. Alternatively, custom message entries can also be entered by touching . Quickly send a text message to the subscriber.

Personalize reply with text messages

It is also possible to customize the pre-installed iPhone text messages to use phrases that seem more useful or natural to the user. For example, “Sorry I’m late!”“Please go, I’ll be right there.” “Text instead, can’t talk now” May be desired. It’s really a matter of personal preference. This change is made in the Settings tab of the Phone tab and is located approximately in the middle of the dial area. reply by text message

If incoming calls are displayed on the top banner of the iPhone instead of being used in full screen, the user can press the banner or reject button instead of answering and the app will appear in full screen. Additional buttons appear in this mode, including: Message A button that allows you to reply with text. This is a very useful option when the response time is short enough or when you click it with a quick tap iphone Can update status.

Looks like you’ve blocked messages!

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