Apple may launch its M2 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in 2022 – What’s on Netflix –

Apple may launch its M2 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in 2022 – What’s on Netflix –

Apple may release two new MacBooks this year, both with M2 chips. Rumored models will be the 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

apples The company will release two M2-powered MacBooks this year, including the MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Rumors circulating ahead of this week’s Peek Performance event suggested Apple would release a new MacBook that day, but it turned out that wasn’t the case. Instead, Apple announced the Mac Studio desktop with the iPhone SE (2022), the new iPad Air monitor and Studio Display.

The Apple M2 is expected to be the company’s next-generation desktop processor, replacing the Apple M1. With its various iterations, it is expected to power many Apple devices in the near future, including Mac desktops and MacBooks. The chip will likely have an eight-core CPU like the M1, but it’s said to have up to 10 GPU cores instead of the 8-core units found in the original M1.

New account 9 to 5 Mac It states that Apple is working on at least two new MacBooks with M2 chips and that they will be released later this year. According to the report, one of these devices will be the MacBook Air and the other will be the 13-inch MacBook Pro. The report contrasts sharply with an earlier statement by TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who suggested the next-generation MacBook Air would use the ‌M1‌ or a newer, more powerful version.

Next-generation MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

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The new report also says that the next-generation MacBook Air is codenamed “J413” and will likely be released on a single version of the M2 chip. As for the next-generation MacBook Pro, the report says it will be codenamed “J493.” Interestingly, the report adds that Apple can remove the “Pro” label from the device and just call it a “MacBook”, as it has done in the past. In any case, it will also be offered in a single SoC like the MacBook Air, meaning it may not have more powerful versions with the M2 Pro or other versions of the chip.

There is no new information about future devices, but according to an earlier report by noted researcher John Prosser, the next MacBook Air could be a completely new design. This includes the white frame, white keyboard, MagSafe charger and front. As mentioned 9 to 5 MacBloombergMark Gourman has said it before apples May introduce new Mac models at this year’s WWDC event in June.