YouTube immediately blocks Russian state media channels

YouTube immediately blocks Russian state media channels

Effective immediately, YouTube will immediately block channels linked to Russian state-funded media around the world. This is because the Russian military’s acts of violence in Ukraine are denied or downplayed.

When blocking channels, YouTube refers to its policy of banning content that rejects or minimizes well-documented violence.

American society emphasizes that the Russian invasion of Ukraine falls within the scope of this policy. A spokesperson said YouTube also removed content that violates this policy regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Earlier, YouTube had also decided to suspend all payment services in Russia. This includes subscriptions.

YouTube is not the first platform to take action against Russian users. For example, Twitter and Twitch had already taken a measure that affects Russian users.

Russia blocks Instagram

Conversely, Russia decided to block Instagram on Monday after the platform — courtesy of parent company Meta — called for violence against Russians.

Meta told that the company has made a temporary exception for people affected by the war. “We are doing this so that they can express their feelings towards the occupying forces, such as ‘Death to the Russian invaders,'” a company spokesperson said.

“As always, we prohibit calls for violence against Russians outside the scope of the current occupation.”

Source: NU