Ukraine uses facial recognition to identify Russians and bodies

Ukraine uses facial recognition to identify Russians and bodies

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry to start rolling out Clearview AI facial recognition this weekend, writes Reuters† The US start-up offered its technology to expose Russian attackers, fight misinformation and identify bodies.

Ukraine offers free access to Clearview’s search engine, which, for example, allows authorities to screen people at checkpoints. Clearview will not offer the technology to Russia and describes the aid to Ukraine as a “special operation”.

The company claims to have a database of more than two million facial photos taken from the Russian social network VKontakte. It is not clear how many Ukrainian faces are in the system.

The Ukrainian ministry has not yet responded to questions about how the technology will be made available. Earlier, a spokesperson said it is considering launching companies such as Clearview.

Clearview is a controversial company whose technology is considered illegal in many countries. He takes pictures of faces on social networks without asking permission. Clearview says it has the right to do so because it only uses public data. However, companies such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have previously requested Clearview to delete the collected data.

Critics are hesitant, although the company says it can do a lot in Ukraine, such as locating corpses and receiving refugees. For example, false facial scans can lead to major problems such as civilian deaths or wrongful arrests.

Source: NU