Formula 1 streaming service will not receive Dutch comment until June

Also on private TV channels

F1 TV Pro is slightly cheaper than Viaplay, but the Swedish service also offers a wide range of movies and series, along with other sports programs such as football and darts. Viaplay CEO Anders Jensen said it was no surprise that Formula 1 was recently seen on two services in the Netherlands. “It fits Formula 1’s forward-looking strategy. The fact that F1 TV Pro exists also means that we ultimately have to pay less. This amount would have been higher if Formula 1 had not sold the rights to just one private party. †

Viaplay’s Formula 1 broadcasts can also be seen on the regular TV channels of leading Dutch providers. They don’t have to stream through apps that are supposed to keep networks from being overloaded. “We and the sellers have a common interest,” Jensen said. That’s how we do it in a few countries. This is a user-friendly solution,” he says.

Reply to Olav Mol via the app

Live commentary on Viaplay comes from Nelson Valkenburg and Melroy Heemskerk. But perhaps Formula 1 fans also prefer the familiar voice of Olav Mol. Mol can be listened to via the internet station application Grand Prix Radio. With this app, live narration during F1 races should be heard at the exact same time as TV shows or video streams.

Source: RTL