Apple Invests $450 Million in Satellite Communications

Apple Invests 0 Million in Satellite Communications

Apple to invest $450 million (about $446 million) in satellite communications, reports Reuters. Most of the investments go to the Globestar company. Globestar’s satellite network provides emergency communications for the latest iPhones.

Apple is in talks with several satellite communications companies ahead of the iPhone 14 launch. According to the news agency Bloomberg The tech giant also spoke with Starlink, the company of Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Apple has invested in several companies related to satellite communications from a private investment fund for advanced technologies. Globestar accounts for the majority of this investment. The amount in question has not been disclosed.

iPhone 14, introduced last Wednesday by Apple, is the first regular smartphone that can be connected to a satellite.

In an emergency, iPhone 14 users can send text messages and their location via satellite connection. For this, a connection is established with the Globestar satellite network.

In November, the satellite functionality of the iPhone 14 models will be enabled for users in the United States. Apple will release a software update for this. Later, Apple will also enable the feature for iPhone 14 users outside the United States.

To send a message or location via satellite, iPhone must be correctly pointed at the satellite. A utility is integrated into the new software to help users with this.

Satellite connections will be free for iPhone users for the next two years. It is not yet known how much the service will cost after that.

Satellite connections on smartphones will not be an alternative to mobile network connections. The capacity of the satellites is too small to handle the communication of all smartphones. The function is mainly aimed at being able to call for help in the event of an emergency.

Since the emergency call is sent via satellite, it can also be made in areas without mobile network coverage. Emergency calls can also be sent in cases where mobile networks are interrupted, for example due to a calamity.

Source: NU