Plug-and-play car charged more often at a public charging station due to rising electricity prices

A quarter of Dutch EV drivers with a more expensive electricity contract choose to charge their car at a public charging station because of the higher electricity costs. This is apparent from a new survey among Dutch owners of electric cars.

“The prices for public charging stations are currently relatively low due to long-term contracts,” explains Maarten van Biezen of the Electric Drivers Association (VER). The investigation ran until May, which could mean that many EV drivers will charge more often at public charging stations. Nevertheless, Van Biezen expects the trend to be temporary. The prices of public charging stations will also rise, which will largely eliminate the cost advantage.”

very popular solar poles

Most EV drivers continue to charge at home, as the vast majority of this group can use energy from their own solar panels. Research shows that 79% of Dutch owners of electric cars also have solar panels. In comparison: nationwide 19% of households have solar panels on the roof.

“There is huge interest in solar energy among EV drivers,” says Van Biezen. “These are people who are already very concerned with sustainability and are also very interested in electricity contracts, energy savings and heat pumps.”

Source: RTL