What the Portoazul clinic says about the death of Luisa Fernanda

The medical director of Portoazul Auna Clinic issued at noon this Wednesday, September 21, a statement on the case of Luisa Fernanda Pacheco Peraltathe 18-year-old girl who fell into a sewer discovered in Carrera 53, behind Uninorte.

“We allow ourselves to inform public opinion and especially the media about the sensitive death of Luisa Fernanda Pacheco Peralta, patient who has been admitted to our institution since 15-09-2022. During her hospitalization, all necessary surgical and medical care was comprehensively provided, taking into account the origin of the event (fall into the sewer), the patient presented tibia and fibula fracture left lower limb accompanied by a wound on the inside of the same limb,” said the statement signed by Juan Carlos Hernández, medical director and spokesperson for the health center.

Source: El heraldo