Russia-Ukraine War, China Presses for Peace: “Don’t Become a World Crisis”

China asks Russia and Ukraine not to allow the war to “spread”. Beijing’s appeal came from the mouth of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in his speech to the UN General Assembly: “We urge all interested parties to prevent the spread of the crisis and protect the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries. ”. China, said the minister, supports all efforts that lead to a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Ukraine.

A clear message on the day that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced China’s “ambiguous” position on the ongoing war: «At the moment, we do not have a channel of communication with China and it is a pity. I would like them to help Ukraine. A phone call with the Chinese president would be difficult today.” Wang Yi’s statement comes after the cold of recent days between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping: China does not like the war at all, which is suffering the effects of the clash between Moscow and Kiev on the front of its economy.

Source: IL Tempo