Russia, the flight from mobilization scares Putin and the Duma: significant impact

Russia’s internal economic impact as a result of tens of thousands of men fleeing after the announcement of partial mobilization for war in Ukraine “is likely to become increasingly significant”. This is reported by UK 007 in the daily update on the situation on the ground in the war in Ukraine. “In the seven days that have passed since President Putin announced the ‘partial mobilization’, there has been a considerable exodus of Russians trying to escape the call. Although the exact numbers are unclear, this likely surpasses the size of the total invasion force that Russia deployed in February 2022”, reads the post, which emphasizes that among those leaving the Federation, they are mostly “the richer and more educated”.

“When combined with the reservists who are deployed, the domestic economic impact due to reduced availability of manpower and accelerating ‘brain drain’ is likely to become increasingly significant,” the UK Ministry of Defence concludes.

A situation that is indeed provoking reactions at the highest levels of Russia. Duma (Moscow Parliament) President Vyacheslav Volodin attacked fleeing citizens after the announcement: “Russians who are registered in the armed forces, from the moment the mobilization is announced, cannot leave their place of residence without the authorization of military commissariats. There is a law and all those who are obliged to do military service must follow it.’ Volodin is the biggest Russian exponent who has so far called for a ban on expatriation of Russians who can be recalled for mobilization.

Source: IL Tempo