Nuclear escalation is approaching, NATO warns Russia: ‘Serious consequences’

War not only on the ground, but also of nerves between Russia and the Western Bloc. To send another warning to Vladimir Putin is the secretary general of the Atlantic Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, in an interview with the American broadcaster Nbc: “Any use of nuclear weapons will have serious consequences for Russia, but also any deliberate attack on criticism of the infrastructure of the NATO will receive a firm and compact response.”

The NATO number one also stressed that evoking the use of nuclear weapons is “dangerous” and that the conquest of the city of Lyman by Kiev’s forces “shows that the Ukrainians are making progress and that they are capable of repelling Russian forces”. “The best way to counter the proclaimed annexation of parts of Ukraine to Russia is to continue to support the Kiev government”, said Stoltenberg, finally recalling that “any decision on Ukraine’s accession to NATO must be taken by all. Alliance”. The situation in Ukraine seems to be getting worse and worse.

Source: IL Tempo