Biden announces new military aid for Ukraine: “We will sanction those who support Russian referendums”

conflict in ukraine

US President Joe Biden announced a new $625 million military aid package for Kiev. “We will never recognize the referendums desired by Moscow”

Author: Gabriella Mazzeo

conflict in ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke by phone with his American counterpart Joe Biden. the american president promised Kiev a new package of military aid to support him in the war against Vladimir Putin’s Russia. This time, the White House will give Ukraine about $625 million in support. The package, Washington reports, also includes Himars rocket systems that contributed to Ukraine’s recent return to the Russians.

During the phone call, Biden made it known that the US will never recognize the territories recently annexed by Moscow by referendum as Russian.

“We want to unite the world in support of Ukraine – declared in the presence of Vice President Kamala Harris – in defending its freedom and democracy, as enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.” The European Union also joined the USA, which spoke out against the referendum through the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

Serbia, Russia’s historic ally, and Turkey, at the center of more general mediation, also distanced themselves from the referendum. Georgia is also against who fear Putin’s expansionist goals. China, on the other hand, wanted to keep its foot in two shoes. “We have always defended that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries must be respected,” she reiterated. A position that seems almost pro-Ukraine.

According to analysts, the referendums represent a blackmail weapon that Putin would like to use at the negotiating table with Kiev. However, a deal still seems a long way off: Biden has indeed made it clear that the United States wants to continue to impose sanctions on any country that supports Russia’s intended annexation. “We will continue to support Ukraine as long as necessary – clarified the US president -. We will impose sanctions against any country that supports the annexation of Ukrainian territory.”

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