US-South Korea launch missiles in response to North Korea test, one falls to ground

A South Korean ballistic missile landed in Gangneung, in the northeast of the country, during joint exercises with the United States, causing panic among residents.

Author: Susanna Picone

In the morning of today a South Korean ballistic missile fell to the ground in the northeast of the country during joint exercises with the United States. South Korea and the United States launched four surface-to-ground missiles into the East Sea following North Korea’s launch of the intermediate-range ballistic missile.

O Washington Post reports that the explosion and subsequent fire caused by the missile caused panic among the residents of the coastal city of Gangneung, worried it was a new North Korean attack. The Seoul General Staff later announced that it was an accident and that no injuries were reported.

The incident reportedly involved a Hyumoo-2 short-range ballistic missile that crashed into an Air Force base. The Army said it was investigating the causes of the “anomalous flight” of the missile. The South Korean General Staff had previously announced that four Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) missiles and another Hyumoo-2 missile had been successfully launched during joint exercises in response to North Korean provocation. Yesterday, Pyonyang carried out the first ballistic test in eight months, launching an IRBM missile that traveled approximately 4,600 kilometers and flew over Japan.

“North Korea’s series of ballistic missile provocations will further strengthen the deterrent and response capabilities of the South Korea-US alliance and will only deepen the North’s isolation from the international community,” he said. act of provocation” that undermines peace and stability not only on the Korean peninsula but also in the international community, representing a “clear” violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

Yesterday the President of the United States Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida spoke on the phone, condemning the North Korean launch on Japanese territory. On the North Korean issue, the US has asked the United Nations Security Council to meet today.

Source: Fan Page IT