Poodle plays with remote control and buys red light movies

When the dog can’t keep its paws in place. A funny story from America has resurfaced these days. It all started with a poodle who accidentally pressed the buttons on his owner’s television remote, buying a subscription to a channel that broadcasts red-light movies.

The owner, Thomas Barnes, noticed this when the purchase was closed and notified the customer service of the channel in question, Hustler, but still saw a charge of $70 arrive on the pay per view account. However, Mr. Thomas didn’t give up and made a payment to the account, deducting the $70 in question. At that point, your TV subscription was suspended.

Thomas, who supports himself on a disability pension, has contacted the Federal Communications Commission to file a complaint. The satellite TV provider has agreed to credit his next bill, but Barnes says he still has to pay for the wrong charge. In short, the issue has meanwhile become an unpleasant administrative battle.

In the United States, they associate the story of Thomas’ poodle with the case of another dog who ate his owner’s passport a few weeks before his honeymoon. Amanda Avila had just returned from a vacation in Iceland when she found her dog Dillon surrounded by chewed up bits of her passport. The two-year-old mongrel had also decided to “nibble” on his glasses and one of the woman’s favorite boots, apparently to protest her going on vacation without him.

The mother of two was then forced to write to the National Passport Center to request new travel documents, but Dillon’s “toothmarks” were not enough evidence to persuade officers to renew her passport. Amanda then wrote an ironic letter and attached pictures of the dog chewing it to prove he was to blame. The 47-year-old was forced to apologize on Dillon’s behalf and joked that she “promised me never to do that again”.

Source: IL Tempo