40 years of the on purpose that ended with a verbena in El Bosque

40 years of the on purpose that ended with a verbena in El Bosque

More of 350 people They were in the midst of the noise, the joy, and the good music, not thinking that a major attack was coming at them as if it were a deadly avalanche. It all happened on Sunday night Sep 5, 1982, the days when picó dances were the sensation, according to older adults; the festivals were the perfect diversion from a tiring five-day workday; African champeta was all the rage and inflation was less of a concern.

Pamir Barros Borja, who was 24 years old at the time, was the driver of a bus, one of those not seen in the city anymore, assigned to the company transalpha, of the Silencio-Terminal line, but that day it was not used to travel that route. The man had been hired by a softball team to transport them, and he had already completed his delivery, so he was preparing to return to his nearby home. Santo Domingo, in the south of Barranquilla.

Borja Mud almost reached its destination. There were barely two quarters left to reach his house when, according to his statement, he was driving at normal speed in the right-hand lane of the highway. cordiality, near El Bosque, in the sector known as San Martin. There a bus crossed his path and forced him to remove the zigzag, causing the large vehicle to drive over him at a verbena known as ‘Country Club’.

Source: El heraldo