“Threat to National Security”. Lithuania and the rudeness with Sergei Shoigu

Lithuania has revoked the citizenship of the mother-of-two of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, one of the most loyal men to Vladimir Putin since the start of the war in Ukraine. Elena Kaminskas, born Shebunova, who is married to a Lithuanian in her second marriage, has started a legal battle with the government against the repeal measure. Vilnius sees the presence of Kaminsaks in the country as a threat to national security.

According to investigative website The Insider, Elena’s husband Adolfas Kaminskas had acquired businesses and assets in Lithuania for nearly €20 million and also became a Russian citizen as soon as he got married. Goods he sold shortly after the start of the Russian invasion of Kiev-controlled territory. A total affront to Shoigu, already struggling with internal problems after the failures in the field battle: some, including the Chechen Kadyrov, called for a change of guard at the top military.

Source: IL Tempo