Driver who hit cyclist is said to have been drinking since Friday evening

However, the specialist URI prosecutor who took on the investigation presented several pieces of evidence to Barranquilla’s first municipal judge with warrant-checking functions, including the report of a forensic doctor of legal medicine that he left as a matter of course in the document that the accused presented today by the intentional manslaughter with the ultimate intent he supposedly had a ‘stuff’.

In addition, the researcher pointed out that, according to the interviews with the people who were with Porto Ochoa, they allegedly ingested various types of alcoholic beverages. since Friday evening.

This was confirmed by EL HERALDO in an exclusive conversation with Diego Duke Zuluaga, attorney representing the victims, appointed by Mr. Luis Cortazar.

According to the lawyer, the investigation by the accusing entity was aimed at determining what the suspect was doing during a period from the night of October 14 to the morning of the following Saturday when the incident occurred. For example, the prosecutor revealed that these people would apparently be following an hours-long party in a shack on the edge of town; however, for reasons unknown, César Andrés and the two persons accompanying him decided to return via the Vía al Mar in that Volkswagen Gol car, with registration plates GZW-737. What followed, a tragedy.

“The family has a permanent, close and direct interest in guiding the process. At the request of Mr. Luis’ relatives, we immediately contacted the Public Prosecution Service and the Public Prosecution Service for urgent actions in the URI. We presented our perception on this subject, which has to do with the fact that this was a crime, that it was a manslaughter in traffic accidentwhich in principle could be classified in what has to do with the guilt of the detainee, as intentional,” said Duque Zuluaga.

Source: El heraldo