Iran, diplomat’s confession: “Drones and ballistic missiles for Russia, there is a deal”

Iran has struck a deal to supply Russia with surface-to-ground missiles as well as new drones for use in Ukraine. Two senior officials and two diplomats from the Islamic Republic told Reuters: the agreement, the sources explained, was signed on October 6, on the occasion of a visit to Moscow by two representatives of the Revolutionary Guards and a member of the Supreme Security Council. from Tehran.

“The Russians asked us for more drones and these Iranian ballistic missiles with advanced precision, in particular missiles from the Fateh and Zolfaghar families,” said one of the diplomats interviewed with knowledge of the contents of the mission, led by First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber. The diplomat rejected Western accusations of breaking the 2015 Security Council resolution on arms transfers. “Where they are used is not a seller’s problem”, stressed the source, “we do not take sides in the Ukrainian crisis like the West. We want an end to the crisis through diplomatic instruments». In light of these statements, Ukraine’s series of complaints about Iran’s military supplies to Russia to fight the war against Kiev takes shape.

Source: IL Tempo