Moscow announces the conquest of Gorobyeyka: it is the first advance in Kharkiv since September

Moscow announced the conquest of the village of Gorobyeyka. This is the first Russian army advance into the Kharkiv region since September. The hypothesis of an agreement with Iran arises.

Author: Gabriella Mazzeo

Moscow has announced that it has regained control of the village of Gorobyeyka in Ukraine’s northeastern Kharkiv region. To make it shattered, the Moscow Defense Ministry, which released a video showing a series of attacks in the region. would be the first territorial reconquest of Russian troops since September after the counter-offensive carried out by Ukraine in this province.

Just a month ago, in fact, Kiev troops celebrated the liberation of the Kharkiv region. Proud of the progress made, Ukrainian President Zelensky made it known that the army had recovered more than 3,000 square kilometers during a tight counter-offensive with an incredible result. To help Kiev’s military, defense systems and weapons provided by the West.

A not insignificant detail, considering the shortage of military ammunition that Russia encountered and the fatigue of the Moscow army. Putin may have decided to reverse the outcome of the war with an agreement with Iran for the provision of land-based missiles and kamikaze drones to be used in Ukraine for coordinated and devastating attacks on civilian and military infrastructure.

The Pentagon has not confirmed the existence of an agreement between Iran and Russia. “We can’t say it’s true,” said spokesman Patrick Ryder commenting on the news reported by the Reuters news agency. According to the news agency, the pact was signed last year. october 6thon the occasion of the visit to Moscow of two representatives of the Guardians of the Revolution and a member of the Supreme National Security Council of Tehran.

However, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg assured that in the coming days the Alliance will provide Kiev with defense systems against the kamikaze drones used by Moscow in the latest attacks. Kiev also appealed to Israel, asking for new air defense systems. “If Israel really wants to stop Iran’s destructive actions, then the time has come to openly take sides,” said Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

Source: Fan Page IT