Usa, 17, falls after persecution: mother’s body was found in trunk

Michelle Roenz, a 49-year-old Texas resident, was killed. The first suspect is her son, Tyler, 17 years old: the boy is hospitalized after a car accident, which occurred while fleeing the police with his mother’s body in the trunk.

Author: Lorenzo Bonuomo

Source: Facebook

A 17 year old teenager, Tyler Roenzis accused of the murder of his mother Michelle, 49. The two reside in Humble, Harris County, in Texas. The young man on October 13 was involved in a car accident near Grand Island in nebraskaat the end of a car chase with the police.

After the accident, which occurred at 117 km/h, the young man was admitted to a hospital in Omaha because of his injuries. In the trunk of the car, authorities found the woman’s lifeless body.

The two were reported missing from home last week by the woman’s husband, who at the time also reported the disappearance of the family car to the police. According to what theHarris County Sheriff’s Office, the result of the analysis carried out on the body by the Nebraska authorities arrived.

According to what came out of the autopsy, the woman died of strangulation and bruises were also found on her body. There is still no precise information about the dynamics of the murder, nor about the motive for the crime. It is also unclear exactly what object the attacker used to repeatedly hit the victim.

Texas authorities announced that they are working with colleagues in Nebraska to arrange for the suspect’s extradition to his state of residence once he is discharged from the hospital.

Harris County officials later told theAssociated press that Tyler Roenz in Texas is accused of, as well asmother’s murder, including the crime of “unauthorized use of a motor vehicle”. No further charges against the young man, however, have been brought by Nebraska authorities.

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