Prison nurse flirts on the phone and on social media with the inmate, sentenced to six months

According to the indictment, the two flirted during the phone calls, but also talked about the prison and the Welsh penitentiary staff.

Author: Antonio Palma

She entered very close to the prisoner failing in their role prison nurseor. That’s why a 25-year-old British woman was sentenced six months in prison by a Welsh court for misconduct in public office

It’s the story of Elyse Hibbs25, from Manchester, reported and reported by the same prison authorities for having entered into an inappropriate relationship with a prisoner while working at Bridgend Prison in South Wales.

The woman admitted that she flirted on the phone and on social media with an inmate she met in prison as part of her job as a prison nurse, but claimed she was unable to cut off contact for fear of the man.

According to what was reconstructed by the prosecution and during the trial against his wife, Elyse Hibbs, he met the prisoner while he was giving him medical treatment in his prison. The detainee, thanks to a friend and his mother, could then track the nurse online on social media, starting a series of online conversations and ultimately continuing on the phone.

The couple exchanged messages and phone calls for several weeks before being discovered, according to the Cardiff Court. The couple got in touch through an Instagram account of a friend of the inmate and through illegal phones, but later the man he would start calling the woman on the prison phone and the calls were recorded.

Reported and investigated, the nurse left the post in July 2021 and was arrested a week later. “They flirted during phone calls, but they also talked about the prison and the staff inside the penitentiary”, explained the investigators. The woman had been transferred immediately after the first signs, but would have continued the contacts at a distance.

Source: Fan Page IT