A minor died after a building collapsed in Havana

A girl died Monday from injuries sustained by a… to collapse in an old building Havana in which three other people were injured, official sources reported.

“We deeply regret the death of the girl Ismary Orozco during a collapse that took place in Old Havana. Our condolences and support reach her parents and family during these difficult hours,” the Cuban president wrote.Miguel Diaz-Canelon his Twitter social network profile.

In the same message, the Cuban leader added that the “authorities in the capital of take care of this painful situation“.

According to a first reconstruction of the events, a roof slab collapsed and hit the lower room of the three-story building in Old Havana, the old quarter of the Cuban capital.

Initially reportedfour injuredexplained to the media, the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC, the only legal one) in Havana province, Luis Torres Iribar.

In 2020 the collapse of the balcony of a building also in Old Havana killed three girls, ages 11 and 12, and a garbage collector died after part of a building’s wall fell on him.

The housing situation is one of the main socio-economic problems in Cuba, especially in Havana, the most populous province with 2.1 million inhabitants.

According to data quoted by the official website Cuba debateHavana has 185,348 buildings in poor condition, of which 83,878 require partial repairs and 46,158 undergoing major reforms.

In addition, they need 43,854 homes for victims due to previous collapses—and living in state shelters—as well as an additional 11,458 homes due to the increase in the city’s population.

Cuba, a country of 11.1 million inhabitants, has more than 3.8 million homes, 39% of which are regular and bad technical conditionaccording to 2021 figures from the General Housing Department.

Source: El heraldo