“I take off the veil, it’s time we didn’t be cowards”, the courage of the 80-year-old Iranian against the regime

Gohar Eshghi da tepo has been fighting the Tehran authorities since they killed his son in prison: “If you listen to me, take to the streets. You are cowards if you don’t.”

Author: Antonio Palma

“For our young people, after 80 years, due to a religion that is killing people i take off my hijab and I curse the cowards. If you hear me, take to the streets. You are cowards if you don’t,” is the very courageous appeal of Gohar Eshghi, an elderly Iranian who, in a video that went viral online, sent all young people to the streets to protest against the theocratic regime in Tehran.

In the video posted on social media, the elderly woman is shown in her living room with the typical black dress and the large framed photo of the son Sattar Beheshti who has been with her for years after the young man was tortured and killed in prison in 2012, after an arrest for the things he wrote on his blog “My life for my Iran”, in which he denounced the abuse and torture of detainees, disappearances and threats by the regime.

In the video, Gohar Eshghi is seen removing the veil from his head, showing his white hair in public and calling on all Iranian people to take to the streets against the Islamic Republic. “After 80 years,” the woman explained in the film, “I remove my hijab because you kill in the name of religion”.

A gesture of defiance to the regime, but also of encouragement to the many young people who protest every day despite the arrests and murders. Gohar Eshghi, however, is not new to fighting the authorities in Tehran since they killed her son.

For that, Ms. Eshghi went bullied and arrested several times over the years to silence her. Last November, for example, she was arrested with her daughter for organizing a ceremony to remember the death of Sattar Beheshti. Last December, gunmen attacked her in the street and beat her to the point of sending her to the hospital, but she never surrendered to the abuse.

Source: Fan Page IT