War in Ukraine, EU yes to sanctions against Iran for drones supplied to Russia

EU ambassadors approved sanctions against Iran for providing Russia with drones used against Ukraine. EU states decided to freeze the assets of 3 people and an entity responsible for deliveries of drones used in the war. The EU is also willing to extend sanctions to 4 other Iranian entities already present on a previous sanctions list.

The position of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also came against Iran after meeting the new Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson: “I do not comment on the details of what the intelligence services reveal – he said – but everything indicates that Iran is supplying their drones to Russia. We ask all countries in the world, including Iran, not to support the Russian war of aggression, it is the attack on a sovereign country and violates international law. That is why NATO allies and the Europe support Ukraine, horrible drone attacks kill civilians and pressure us to support it more and more. Providing Moscow with drones and missiles is a clear violation of the resolution passed by the UN Security Council. Iran – Stoltenberg said – must stop immediately to supply drones and missiles to Russia.”

Source: IL Tempo