From “Viva Putin” to “Putin Boss of…” Dietrofront of Parisian restaurateur who kicked out Ukrainian customers

The video began to be filmed on social media and outraged many Ukrainians and beyond. Two women, refugees, enter a restaurant in Paris, Cozy Montparnasse, and are greeted badly by the manager who repeats “Viva Putin”. The case sparks the web with Ukrainian users who protested to the sound of criticism to bury the site in specialist sites, while other Russian users did the same to get it back in the rankings.

In a video re-released by the Ukrainian Twitter account ТРУХА, then, the reverse of the restaurant owner who receives a visit from a very pressing videomaker who first leads him to say that Putin is a “boss of ****” is staged. asking him to repeat an insult in Ukrainian, and then resume his apologies to the Ukrainian population.

Larissa and her daughter Melisa, this is the name of the two Ukrainian refugees, filmed the scene with their cell phones and sent it to the vice president of the Union of Ukrainians of France, Kogutyak Volodymyr, who shared the video on social media. According to their version, reports Corriere, they asked the waitress for drinks prices, explaining that they are Ukrainian refugees and don’t have much money. At that moment the manager intervened, expelling the women, exclaiming “Viva Putin”. The owner of the restaurant, in statements to the television network Bfm, said that instead the two women would have used the bathrooms and then hesitated before choosing the drink, which is mandatory in the restaurant. Hence your reaction. Then the twist in front of the Ukrainian activist’s smartphone.

Source: IL Tempo