Ukraine and Moscow Against NATO Arms Supply: “Direct Military Confrontation Is Approaching”

By supplying Ukraine with weapons, NATO is approaching the dangerous line of direct military confrontation with Russia. This was stated in a briefing by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, as reported by Tass.

“NATO countries, as if in competition with each other, continue to supply weapons and ammunition to the Kiev regime, provide information, train soldiers of the Kiev regime, give an opinion on the conduct of hostilities, thus approaching the dangerous line of a direct military confrontation with Russia,” said Zakharova, who underlined the fact that total Western military assistance to Ukraine, according to the latest data, has already amounted to 42.3 billion dollars, of which 28.3 billion billions of dollars come from the United States.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg had said: “What we see is that Russia’s war, President Putin’s war in Ukraine, is failing,” Stoltenberg said. “President Putin made a serious mistake in invading Ukraine. He was forced to withdraw from the northern territories around Kiev. So they launched a major offensive on Donbass, this offensive was blocked by the brave Ukrainian forces. And now the Ukrainians are effectively able to retake the territory and free the Ukrainian land and we support them in this.’ Furthermore, regarding Iran’s supply of drones to Russia, the NATO Secretary General said that “obviously we are closely monitoring what Iran is doing when it comes to providing support to Russia as well. And we ask Iran not to provide drones or missiles. And any missile supply will also clearly violate UN Security Council resolutions.”

Source: IL Tempo