Liz Truss, three-way duel for Conservative leadership. Boris Johnson vs Sunak and Mordaunt

The former prime minister of Ottoman descent, the Indian billionaire and the Irish navy reservist are vying for the leadership of Britain’s Conservative Party. The resignation of Liz Truss as head of the Conservatives opened an all-out fight. Because whoever wins the leadership will automatically be named prime minister by King Charles III. And so Boris Johnson came knocking again in Downing Street. “I have a job to finish”, he declared today, while trying to convince at least a hundred members of the party to support him in the internal elections that will take place on the 24th of October. For eight years mayor of London, a longtime member of parliament, Johnson can also boast of “blue blood” parentage. What in the UK matters. One of his direct ancestors, of German origin, was the illegitimate daughter of Prince Paul Frederick of Württemberg and therefore he is, in all respects, also a direct descendant of King George II of England (sixth cousin of Queen Elizabeth II and , therefore, kinsman also of the new ruler). Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, 58, a New Yorker by birth but always lived in Chelsea, an “in” district of London, is also related to the English Royal House through Maria di Teck as a descendant of Duke Frederick II Eugene of Württemberg . The paternal great-grandfather Alì Kemal, of Turkish origin, was Minister of the Interior of the Ottoman Empire. He was Muslim, but Johnson is Anglican. Johnson’s paternal grandfather Wilfred Johnson – son of Ali Kemal – was an RAF pilot during World War II. People used to fight, in and out of politics, so much so that this morning Stanley Johnson, BoJo’s father, said it might be “time for my son to come back after Liz Truss’s humiliating dismissal.” Johnson knows that the “most dangerous” contender in the race to lead the Conservatives is Rishi Sunak, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer (the British finance minister) who led the uprising against him in July, leading to the resignation of 54 ministers and undersecretaries and , consequently, the fall of the government.

Now BoJo reaches out: “Let’s run together, support me and I’ll name you Chancellor again.” Sunak, 42, of Indian origin but born in Southampton, a career at Goldman Sachs, then head of hedge fund Theleme Partners, launched in October 2010 with seed capital of $700 million, and then director of the investment firm Catamaran Ventures, owned by his father-in-law, billionaire businessman Narayana Murthy, currently has most conservatives on his side. So he, not Johnson, is the number one favorite. Vander is the only woman in the running with a chance of being elected secretary of the Conservative Party: Penny Mordaunt. He is the leader of the Conservatives in the House of Commons. She served in the government led by David Cameron as Under Secretary in the Department of Local Communities before being named minister in 2015, the first woman to hold that position. But he knows his stuff, as he is a reservist in the Royal Navy, with the rank of second lieutenant. The trio appears to be in the best position to reach the threshold of 100 nominations out of the 357 deputies needed to be present in the vote for the party’s leadership. But it is possible that only one or two will have their numbers by Monday, the deadline for submitting applications. Mordaunt was the first to formally declare tonight that she has enough support to run. With Johnson, 140 would be lined up at the moment, but critics believe his fans are loud and not numerous, predicting he won’t reach 100. While Sunak is already on his way to reaching 100 votes.

Source: IL Tempo