Zakia Seddiki, widow of Luca Attanasio: “His death did not stop me, I help children in Africa”

Luca Attanasio, the ambassador killed in the Congo interviewed Zakia Seddiki, widow of Luca Attanasio, the Italian ambassador to Congo who died on February 22, 2021. “In the name of Luca, our project for African children and women”.

Author: Alessia Rabbai

Ambassador Luca Attanasio with his widow Zakia Seddiki

Luca Attanasio, the ambassador killed in the Congo

“The memory I have of Luca and that I will always carry with me is that of a generous man with great values”. These are the words of Zakia Seddikiwidow of Lucas Attanasio, Italian diplomat and ambassador to Congo killed on February 22, 2021 in an ambush in the village of Kibumba, near Goma. FOR told how it was: “Luca had many passions, he was a dreamer, an adult with a child’s heart. I am Moroccan and there was an ongoing exchange between our cultures: he told me he wanted to learn Arabic and he loved African art. We loved each other very much.” She shared what their plans were together and how her life has changed after the disappearance of her husband, with whom she has three daughters. “He was a loving and caring father, I will continue to raise our princesses as we promised ourselves, with honesty and care for others, passing on everything their father was.”

Luca and Zakia’s dream: helping children and single mothers

For Zakia, talking about Luca every time is like a wound that reopens: “Luca was a person with strengths and weaknesses, I want to remember him and tell people, especially young people, so that they can take from him and from his life an example “. Luca Attanasio continues to live in the memory of his loved ones, of all the people he met during his travels, of those who loved him, of his colleagues and institutions, but also in the his wife’s humanitarian projects. “When we arrived in Congo in 2017, I saw street children, a reality that exists in several African countries, but which in Congo is particularly complex and you cannot escape. I proposed the idea to my husband and he supported me with enthusiasm from the first moment. This is how the Mama Sofia humanitarian association was born, supporting children and women, especially single mothers”.

Zakia Seddiki received a tribute in Rome

The Mama Sofia association, which operates in Africa and beyond, recently made a donation to support the school fees of children in Lebanon. For this reason, Lebanese journalist Talal Khrais, head of Foreign Affairs of the Italian-Arab association Assadakah Onlus for the information and management of cultural and political relations, paid tribute to him, in the presence of the Lebanese ambassador Mira Daher, the prosecutor- General of the Marian Order of the Maronite Community in the Holy See Majed Maroun and the President of the Foreign Press Esma Cakir. Ambassador Luca Attanasio was killed at age 43 while he was with the carabiniere Vittorio Iacovacci and the driver Mustafa Milambo. “After the tragedy, I had no doubts: the project had to move forward and today it is dedicated to my husband Luca, who was his first supporter, to remember what he was like: a wonderful man and a diplomat who, with his commitment and dedication, was well represented Italy”.

Zakia Seddiki and Lebanese Ambassador Mira Daher
Zakia Seddiki and Lebanese Ambassador Mira Daher

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