China, Hu Jintao dragged in front of Xi Jinping. The video censored by Beijing

A show of strength by Xi Jinping. It is an outrage to his predecessor that he photographs China’s balance of power at the time of the Twentieth Congress of the Chinese Communist Party better than many essays. Under the indifferent gaze of the leader, who perhaps betrays a certain complacency, former president Hu Jintao, 79 and at the top of the vast Asian country for ten years, was taken away by two security agents. Hu Jintao looks incredulous, tries to passively resist the forced eviction, and then seeks contact with the motionless Xi Jinping. The two exchange a few quick jokes and Jintao is dismissed.

To immortalize the sensational scene are the cameras of the international circuits (none of this was broadcast by the Chinese state media). Hu Jintao sat next to his successor at the top of the party and state, alongside outgoing prime minister Li Keqiang.

As is well known, the Chinese president further elevated his status, becoming declared, with an amendment to the CPC Constitution, the “core” of the entire party. From this perspective, one should read the “eviction” of the closing of the Congress of his direct predecessor at the top of power in China, despite his 69 years: as a practice in China, political leaders retire at 68 years old. An episode that confirms the triumph of Xi’s line in the party, towards the now obvious reconfirmation at the top that will be made official tomorrow. The removal of the elderly former president from the classroom of the Great Hall of the People, a temple of Chinese politics in Tiananmen Square, was left without official explanation.

Meanwhile, four of the current seven members of the current Politburo Standing Committee have been excluded from the new CPC Central Committee: they are Keqiang Prime Minister Li Zhanshu, Han Zheng and Wang Yang, considered one of the possible candidates to receive the post. of prime minister. in the new five-year period.

Source: IL Tempo