Boris Johnson betrayed by Sunak. The former chancellor is a candidate for prime minister and leader of the Conservatives.

Rishi Sunak presents himself as a candidate to lead the British Conservative Party. The 42-year-old billionaire of Indian descent but born in Southampton won the support of 100 Conservative MPs. An element that, according to party rules, will allow him to officially present himself for the leadership. When submitting the order by 2 pm on the following Monday. Sunak intends to replace Liz Truss’ departure. To then obtain the appointment as prime minister. Former Chancellor of the Treasury Johnson also got the support of David Frost, BoJo’s Brexit negotiator. “Johnson will always be a hero for bringing home Brexit. But we have to move on,” Frost wrote on Twitter. “We must not risk repeating the chaos and confusion of last year.” The reference to BoJo’s contested policy is clear.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson returned from vacation in the Dominican Republic this evening to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party. After a meeting held today, the former British prime minister said he also had at least 100 MPs ready to support him, but an inside party source said the actual supporters are currently just 54 while the others have yet to comment. If Johnson makes it to the next stage, when Conservative Party members vote, he has a good chance of defeating Rishi Sunak. Which, however, is gathering more and more support at these times. Also vying for the lead is the leader of the conservative group in Westminster, Penny Mordaunt, who is also struggling to find the 100 supporters needed to run.

Source: IL Tempo