Russia, the ‘Wagner line’ deployed by mercenaries to stop Kiev

Four rows of concrete pyramids with a large trench. This is the Wagner Line, an anti-tank fortification of almost two kilometers, created near the Russian-occupied city of Hirske in eastern Ukraine. CNN reported this based on new satellite imagery from Maxar Technologies.

The Russians hope to be able to stop Ukrainian vehicles and tanks carrying out the counteroffensive in the occupied territories. Russian media talked about the fort as the ‘Wagner Line’, referring to the Wagner Group, the Russian paramilitary organization. According to military analysts, while this fortification can help defend against a frontal attack, it doesn’t stop you from bypassing the pro-Russian TV Zvezda says the line constitutes a ready second defense if the Ukrainians take their counteroffensive eastward. Other media explain that the fort will be extended to reach – on the one hand – the Russian-Ukrainian border, and – on the other – the city of Svitlodarsk, thus reaching a length of 217 km.
Photograph: Twitter Profile @TpyxaNews

Source: IL Tempo