Russian military jet crashes in a residential area and crashes into a building in Siberia

A Russian military plane crashed in a residential area of ​​Siberia and crashed into a two-story building. Both drivers died at the wheel.

Author: Chiara Amendola

The jet crashed in Siberia

IT IS precipitate in a residential area of Siberia southern Russia Russian military plane crashed today. According to what has been learned russian military jet The Sukhoi Su-30 was performing a test flight when it collided with a two-story building in the Siberian city of Irkutsk.

According to what was released by the Ministry of Emergencies, the news was confirmed by Governor Igor Kobzev: both pilots died in the accident, while there would be no deaths or injuries among civilians. Several other buildings were severely damaged in the accident.

The Russian government confirmed the incident, specifying that the fighter was performing a test flight when it crashed, but the dynamics are still unclear. The accident caused the fire and firefighters arrived at the scene.

This is the second such incident in less than a week: last Monday, a Sukhoi Su-34 fighter jet crashed into an inhabited area in the city of Eysk, not far from the Ukrainian border, killing at least 15 people.

According to experts, it is not excluded that accidents of this type could happen again, given the difficulties of Russian aviation in accessing the proper maintenance of its aircraft due to the international sanctions imposed on Moscow after the invasion of Ukraine.

Source: Fan Page IT