Xi Jinping, third term. Putin congratulates: the axis between China and Russia is stronger

Xi Jinping, the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao, institutionalized his rule by receiving an unprecedented third term as secretary of the Communist Party. The first to rejoice was “Tsar” Putin, who sees the Moscow-Beijing axis thus strengthened. Xi, in office since 2012, will stay for another 5 years and has also been confirmed as head of the Central Military Commission, but many expect the 69-year-old to seek power for a lifetime. Xi Jinping’s (expected) first move was to promote allies who supported his vision of tighter control of society and the economy.

To congratulate you Putin and Kim Jong-un. “I will be happy to continue our constructive dialogue and work together to develop a global partnership and strategic cooperation between our states,” the Kremlin chief’s message, while the Pyongyang leader stressed that “I, together with you, will shape a more beautiful future.” for North Korea-China relations, meeting the demand of the moment and I will direct efforts towards its realization to continue to strongly push forward the socialist cause in both countries.” Xi and six other members of the Politburo Standing Committee, none of them women, first appeared before reporters eight days ago in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, following the week-long 20th Chinese Communist Party Congress.

The inner circle is dominated by Xi’s allies, after Prime Minister Li Keqiang, the No. 1.2 supporter of market-based reforms and private enterprise, was excluded on Saturday from the party’s new 205-member Central Committee which the Standing Committee was chosen. In his place, Li Qiang, a former Shanghai party secretary who is unrelated to his predecessor and with little political experience, but has been very close to Xi since beginning his career in Zhejiang Province in the early 2000s.

And in that context, many observers also interpreted the dismissal on Saturday of Xi’s predecessor, Hu Jintao, 79, who abruptly left the CPC Central Committee meeting with an aide holding his arm. The incident raised doubts that Xi was exercising his power by ousting other leaders, but the official Xinhua news agency later reported that Hu was in poor health and needed rest. The CCP’s plans concern the creation of a prosperous society by mid-century, the “rejuvenation of the nation”, the consolidation of its political, economic and cultural role. And opposition to Taiwan independence, which has become part of the party’s statute.

Source: IL Tempo