Rugby, stricken with illness in the last action of the farewell match. shock in Argentina

Struck by illness on the field, in the last action of the last game of his career. Argentine rugby player Javier Cardoso died this way, aged 42, in the minutes that had to seal his farewell to the rugby that was being played. The tragedy happened in the game between the University Club of Santa Fé, where Cardoso played. The player dropped to the ground suddenly, away from the action of the game and without clashing with an opposing player at that time.

According to local media reports, rugby players on the field received the referee’s warning that the match had reached the last action of the game. Then the fatal disease, he reports Republic, with the player on the floor in convulsions. The rescue of the doctor on the sidelines and subsequent resuscitation attempts by health personnel who arrived after the alarm failed to save his life. “The University family wants to express their deep sadness at the death of one of their players, Javier Cardoso, a great teammate, excellent friend and special person. We are close to his family at this time of pain,” his club wrote in a post. on the social networks.

Source: IL Tempo