He doesn’t accept the end of his story, 19-year-old kills his 18-year-old ex: the body found in a forest

Emily Nicole Thompson was killed at the age of 18 in Brisbane, Australia, by ex-boyfriend Aaron Daniel Mitchelson Huckel, a year older, who did not accept the end of the relationship. The parents raised the alarm.

Author: Ida Artiaco

The last photo posted by the victim on Facebook.

When they didn’t see her go home after meeting her ex, her parents Emily Nicole Thompson, 18 years of brisbane, in Australia, they already understood everything. For this reason, they immediately alerted the police who, after a few hours of searching, found their body lifeless and abandoned in the woods of nambournot far from your house.

Aaron Daniel Mitchelson Huckelher ex-boyfriend, was tracked down soon after at a gas station and arrested on suspicion of murderer AND hiding corpses, but investigators are working to try to understand the motive for the murder: the most believed hypothesis is that the alleged killer did not accept the End of Relationship with the victim.

History is troubling Australia. According to what has been reconstructed so far, last Saturday the two boys met at around 4:30 pm in a parking lot in Strathpine to talk after the split. The reasons for them are also unclear. to stop, but it is possible that the 18-year-old was a victim of violence and abuse by the young man. Probably tired of suffering, she would have distanced herself from him, but the ex would not have accepted the separation, reaching the extreme of the gesture.

About 24 hours before the encounter, which was fatal for Emily, she had posted a selfie on her Facebook profile where she appeared serene, as her family members pointed out to the local press. “Emily was a smart, kind, loving girl,” he said. 7 news Tracey Pelling, a spokeswoman for the Thompson family, adding: “He had his whole life ahead of him. His parents are devastated and in shock as they try to figure out what their lives will be like without Emily.”

The alleged killer was refused to bail. A hearing at the Maroochydore courthouse was scheduled for Monday, but he did not show up. The next one will take place on October 31, while he remains in detention.

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