Ukraine, parents die in attack: 8-year-old boy saved on the street thanks to his dog

conflict in ukraine

Bodhan lived in Bakhmut, a city under siege by Russia, along with her mother (7 months pregnant), her father and her dog Rem. The police found him wandering around with his four-legged friend and rescued him. Also thanks to the animal.

Author: Biagio Chiariello

conflict in ukraine

Ukrainian police rescued a eight year old boy wandering alone through the besieged city of Bakhmutafter a Russian bombing killed her parents in the street.

The story of the little one Bodhan was said by Iuliia Mendel, former spokesperson for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, quoted by the Guardian. “His father and mother, who was seven months pregnant, died in the street during a Russian artillery attack. The baby was left alone in the area, which was nearly impossible to reach,” she wrote.

“The child lived in an area constantly bombarded by invaders. It was almost impossible to get to the place where he was. However, the police organized a rescue expedition”, says a newspaper note. National Police of Ukraine.

“A part of the road had to be crossed on foot, leaving an armored car. There police found a child who had been taken in by a neighbour. It turns out that a few days ago, his parents left him in the care of a friend to attend their relative’s funeral. At that moment, a grenade exploded nearby: the spouses are dead,” the police said.

The bodies of the pregnant woman and her husband lie in the street for several days. They could not be taken away and buried due to the constant bombardment. When the child learned that her parents were dead, he ran away. He got on a bicycle and went to where his parents’ bodies were. The police found him and helped him pack, after which he was taken to a safe area and fed.

Law enforcement officials added that “helped” by the dog Rem, that somehow soothed the child. Bodhan “will live safe, his aunt will take him home,” police said.

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